Ghosts of Fort Sill, Part 2

Published May 20, 2007 by missharleyquinn

Besides the oh so funny Abby, we also had an officer that lived with us, a ghost officer that is.  We referred to him as the Col., although we have no idea his name or rank.  When we first moved in, both my husband and I felt the presence of a man and felt as if we were being weighed.  Many a night I would wake up and feel as if I was being watched very carefully and it was very unerving.   I only saw him once and my husband and I laugh about it;  My husband had done something to really get my ire up and I was just furious.  I was walking down the back hallway when I looked in my daughter’s bedroom to see if she was asleep.  Her room was very odd ( a servants room we guessed) in that it had two doors; one led to the back hallway, the other to the kitchen.  She liked to sleep with the doors open so from the hall you could see into the kitchen.  I saw a man standing in front of our hutch, his back to me and I assumed it was my husband and being so mad at him I just decided I didn’t even want to look at him and flounced down the hall into my office where my husband was sitting and dinking on the interent.  There was no way he could have gotten from the kitchen to the office before me, and the man I saw was in the shadows as the lights were off in my daughter’s room and the kitchen.

    We did smell him quite often, especially when we would do Tai Chi or Yoga.  It was always that manly smell of horse, leather, and sweat. (For his meeting of repairmen at our house see the fist Fort Sill Ghosts comments area. )

On a side note, my husband knew the officer that had lived in our house prior to us and asked him if he had ever run into any ghosts, he replied yes and mentioned our officer but didn’t offer details.

I thought I’d mention that we lived at:

1320 Upton Road, #OUE (stands for Officer’s Upper East)

Fort Sill, OK


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