Even More Ghosts of Fort Sill

Published May 29, 2007 by missharleyquinn

This story was told to me by a very dear friend of mine and is about the house she resides in.  She and her family have lived at Fort Sill for five years and have had many interesting encounters, but this is my favorite.  The houses on Upton road are very old and as such are prone to needing a lot of repairs.  On this particular occassion the house had some plumbing issues and the pipes were located in the basement of the house  (Her house is a duplex with a basement, main floor, upstairs, and attic.  Unlike mine which was more like an Edwardian apartment building).  Base Housing sent two plumbers out; one was in the kitchen and one was in the basement.  The day proceeded without much interest and the plumbers left that afternoon, explaining they would be back the next day when some parts they needed were in.  The next day only one plumber showed up to finish the job.  My friend asked where his partner was and this is what she was told (basically):  While in the basement the absent plumber heard someone come down the stairs, he turned and saw a man in an antique uniform .  Now, he didn’t necessarily think this was strange as those soldiers who work in the museum on the base wear old fashioned uniforms designed to reflect the era the base was founded .  And there are functions on the base where soldiers might wear historical clothing.  The soldier asked him how it was going and the plumber replied fine.  The soldier watched him and it is thought the plumber assumed this was my friend’s husband, down to make sure he was doing a good job.  He turned away to get back to work and called over his shoulder if the guy could hand him one of his tools, there was no answer.  When he turned around the soldier was gone and there hadn’t been a sound of his retreat.  The plumber told his partner he wouldn’t come back to that house again.

Address:  1305 W Upton Road


One comment on “Even More Ghosts of Fort Sill

  • We live in Quanah Parker housing and since living hear, I’ve heard things. One night, my family was all sleeping and I heard (upstairs) children’s footsteps and giggling. Often at night I feel the sheets being pulled from me. When I’m at the pantry I feel a “pull” at my shorts or shirt and then it disappears. As if the “ghost” children want snack too. My son (the younger of the 2) have stated he has a “friend” to play with in his room and is teaching him. I’m not sure, but I do know what I heard. We have a german bloodline rottweiler (he only only barks when needed) and often he looks throughout the house and looks (steady at something) and barks. Tell me what to do. I also am going to college and often feel like someone (in our upstairs closet–office) is watching or listening?

    It does sound as if your home may be haunted. I wish I knew of a ghost hunting group in the Lawton/Fort Sill area that might be able to do an investigation for you, but when I lived there (about 3 years ago) there wasn’t any. My best advice to you, which may sound odd, is to tell the ghost(s) he/she/they are not welcome in your home and he/she/they need to cross over. It sounds very simple, but is surprisingly successful. When we lived on Upton Road (1320 UE) we had quite a bit of activity of the ghostly sort and one was the spirit of a child. At the time my children were 2 and 5 years old, I pretty much explained to the ghost child that they had to follow the same rules as the living kids! It actually worked. 🙂 I know this can be scary and disconcerting, I completely sympathize with you. I wish you luck and hope I’ve been of some help to you.

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