Ghosts of Fort Sill Revisited

Published June 5, 2007 by missharleyquinn

While I lived at Fort Sill, I was lucky enough to experience many odd things, unexplainable things, and magical things.  I began visiting the cemetaries there to conduct EVP experiments and was rewarded with some great ones.  My favorite was Henry.  I was at the main cemetary and was near the grave of an unknown soldier.  I asked him/her for a name and that I would do my best to try and have their name put on a tombstone if they could give me the info.  When I played the tape back I distinctly heard a voice say, “Henry”.  I decided to be a bit scientific and ask others what they heard on the tape, telling them nothing of its contents.  Everyone heard a voice say ‘Henry’.  After that, my family and I made a point of visiting his grave; leaving trinkets and flowers in memory of him.  He only spoke one other time to me and that was a very clear ‘Thank You’.  I miss visiting his grave and wish he had been more forthcoming with his personal information so his grave stone could be changed from ‘Unknown’ to his given name.


8 comments on “Ghosts of Fort Sill Revisited

  • This is interesting. My son and I had an experience at Ft. Sill yesterday at the guardhouse. No visuals but there was definately multiple spirits there on the bottom floor where the jail cells are. We both were spooked and had to get out of there. We went back this morning to prove to ourselves that it didn’t happen and it happened again. Entities, multiple, surrounded us. It wasn’t so bad this morning but there is definately some weird stuff downstairs in the guardhouse.

  • Dear swede556:
    While living at Fort Sill, I was lucky enough to take the Historical Tour of the Old Post which takes place in December. I spoke with a few of the re-enactors and they told me some great stories about the Guard House. Many people have had feelings of being watched, have seen guards in the lower area…I highly recommend you go on the tour if you get the chance and ask the guides about their experiences. Also, the re-done barracks are also supposed to be haunted, by a cook and some soldiers. If you can check it out (it’s rarely in), at the base library there is a book, “Ghosts of Fort Sill” which can tell you all about many of the hauntings. Have fun!

  • where at in the cemetery is this grave… I will also go and visit and leave flowers… I believe no person should be forgotten

    Dear Lisa,
    That is so kind of you. Upon entering the cemetary from the main entrance, veer to the right. You’ll pass the area with the larger tombs (they’ll be on your left). When the drive/path veers/turns to the left go slowly and park about 15 feet after the turn. On the left will be rows of older tombstones, about the second or third horizontal row will be two unknown soldier graves. On the far left of these is a grave marker for a woman, I believe named Rose. Henry’s grave is directly next to hers and the one beside his is a another unknown soldier. I can see all of this in my mind, but am wretched at describing locations…my apologies. 🙂 Again thanks and hope your enjoying Fort Sill…I adored it there.

  • This is starting to get mysterious, and more interesting as my (unplanned) dabbling research goes on. I really just wanted the book, for my wife and I to read, but now, she wants to go to the Ft every chance she has, which is VA appts and Commissary trips…for me, as we live 50+miles away & ~$14 ea way, not that it may be worth it.

    There are som great stories and ghosts at the base and the area surrounding it. If tehre is anything I can help with or info I can send your way, please let me know.

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