Manor Country Club Ghost

Published June 24, 2007 by missharleyquinn

I grew up in Rockville, Maryland in a neighborhood called Manor Country Club.  It was a beautiful place to be a kid and to this day I miss the house I lived in.  One of the interesting things about my childhood home was that the house was haunted by a ghost we affectionately called Pixie.  I can say that I never saw Pixie and in retrospect I wonder if we had more than just one ghost living with us, but we just always attributed anything paranormal to Pixie.  He ( we also always have thought of the ghost as a male) loved to play fun practical jokes; he would play songs on our doorbell it wasn’t programmed to play and that we were told didn’t happen to doorbells when we would call repairmen into fix the problem.  He also loved making the drain go up and down in the bath tub when I would take baths and move the sliding mirrors on the medicine cabinet.  I have very clear memories of that happening.  He also walked up and down the upstairs balcony, enough that my dad thought someone was out there.  Well, someone was, just not the living sort of person my dad was imagining.  One night my dad decided he was going to find out who was pulling this prank.  He sat on the garage roof line that was level with the balcony floor and although he heard the steps clearly come towards him and walk away from him, there was no one that he could see making the sounds.  Pixie also loved to walk around the attic, an amazing feat considering it was more like a crawl space with two feet of space to the roof and filled with insulation.  Pixie also loved hiding things.  I recall one time my mom was taking apart the vacum cleaner to repair it and she very carefully set four springs beside her thigh.  When it was time to put the springs back, very neatly in the exact spot she had placed them were only two springs.  We never did find the other two, or if she  did she never mentioned to me where they turned up.  I lived at:

4124 Great Oak Road

Below is a link to the Manor Club website and pics:


One comment on “Manor Country Club Ghost

  • If I was a male ghost and you named me Pixie, I’d hide your vacuum cleaner springs too!

    Although how fun never to have to take a bath alone!

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