Legend of Fort Sill

Published July 5, 2007 by missharleyquinn


Chief White Wolf is located on top row, far right.

While living at Fort Sill, Oklahoma I was told of a legend about the area.  I was speaking with a friend of mine and telling her about how surprised I was by the large amount of wild animals that just wandered around the base.  Racoons walked down the sidewalk like a Sunday stroll, coyotes would sit on the front porch of the building I lived in, skunks and armadillos frolicked in the front yard, and on one occassion I thought I saw a white wolf running down the street.  When I mentioned the white wolf to her, she remarked that she had heard a story of Chief White Wolf and that he had vowed to stay on the Fort Sill lands always and protect them.  Many believe that’s why no tornado has ever touched down on the base, even when they were dropping like jellybeans in the city of Lawton and surrounding areas.  She had also seen the white wolf during the time she’s lived there.  On the Corner of Upton Road and Fort Sill Blvd. is the neighborhood named for him.


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