Deathly Hallows’ Party

Published July 25, 2007 by missharleyquinn


Kain the Deatheater, Na as a witch, and Skyler as Hermione

My life has fairly well been on hold for the duration of the Deathly Hallows Time; waiting for the book, going to the book party, and then of course the reading of the book.  Now that it’s past, life is getting back to normal a bit; the laundry is being washed, the beds are getting made, and my sadness at the end of a journey is abating.  I loved the last book, even though many of my questions weren’t answered I can live with that.  I just hope J. K. Rowling surprises us all in a a few years and comes out with another Potterverse book.  I’d love to read the story of the four Hogwart’s founders…my fingers are crossed we get something. 


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