Remembering Diana

Published August 27, 2007 by missharleyquinn


Portrait of Diana


I remember the day Diana died so clearly, it’s sometimes seems like it was just yesterday.  My son was just over 2 months old and had severe colic (i.e. I was a sleep deprived maniac) and my only chance for sleep was naps when my husband was home.  We were living in a small cottage and I was blessedly asleep on our bed while he was watching television and rocking our son in his bouncy chair.  I woke up and told him I had had the weirdest dream, that Princess Diana was dead and CNN was reporting about it.  He told me it wasn’t a dream, she had actually died and he had been watching the updates on CNN.  I must have woken a few times in my nap and incorporated the sound of the news into my dreams.  I was dumbstruck; she was so young, so full of life, had so much ahead of her…how could she have died?  I admit I have had a lifelong fascination with her, to the point my wedding dress was almost a copy of hers.  I can’t put my finger on why I was so intrigued by her, but none the less I was and still am.  I’ve read almost every book about her and have spent the last week watching the shows about her and her life.  Then last night I wondered to myself if anyone had seen her ghost…I searched the Internet and found nothing really…except a few psychics that say they have channeled her…  she and Dodi are happy in the spirit world together.  I think that sounds idiotic myself, but what do I know?  Maybe Dodi was her soul mate…I don’t know what I hope or feel about this, except maybe that she has finally found peace and love.


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