I Love The Color Orange

Published October 8, 2007 by missharleyquinn


This is my cat Vinny.  He is orange and that makes him all the more lovable, although he could be green or grey and I would love him just the same.  But being as orange as he is, it’s all the better.  He and I like to read together, I read out loud and he whaps the book if I get tired and he wants more.  He first fell in love (or so I believe) with literature when I read Harry Potter to him, late at night under the covers with a flash light (it’s not that there’s anyone to tell me I shouldn’t be up so late, but it makes the reading so much richer if I feel like I’m getting away with something).  We were both pretty sad when the series ended, but he’s now a big fan of the Bunnicula series and we’re eager to get “Bunnicula meets Edgar Allen Crow”.


These are some the pumpkins harvested from the backyard garden.  I love pumpkins for how orange and round they are.  I sometimes wish people were orange and round, I think they might be happier and I know they’d get more hugs.  I always want to hug pumpkins…just like I have to smell every candle in a store and laugh when I find a really nasty smelling one.


These are my bright orange sneakers…they match nothing I own and yet I wear them still.  They tickle me and when I wear them I feel a bit more of a spring in my step and wonder if people know that orange sneakers automatically make a person feel good and warm…inside and out. 


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