Find Your Hobbit or Elf Name…Perchance Both

Published October 17, 2007 by missharleyquinn

I was dinking around in BlogLand and found this link…In case the pirate thing doesn’t work for me,  and I’m not accepted into Hogwart’s there is the Hobbit Option:

My Name, by the way is:  Belladonna Boffin of NeedleHole.  I think it sounds like a hobbit porno star’s name, but that’s just me…

If you’re Into Elves, than try your hand at this name generator:

For the curious, I’m Celebrian Calafalas…yes, it sounds no better than the hobbit name, except now I sound like a vegan sandwich.  “Yeah, I’ll take a Celebrian Calfalas, but extra sprouts and hold the hummus”.

Thank goodness my given name is rather loverly and my craft name too.  🙂


3 comments on “Find Your Hobbit or Elf Name…Perchance Both

  • I am still wiping tea up, Thanks for the hilarity!
    elf name:Finrod Sáralondë I couldn’t come up with anything witty it sounded like.
    Hobbit name: Mungo Burrows, sounds like someone who buries their sh*t.
    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  • What a coincidence. I have been here too! My hobit name is “Drogo Hardbottle” which I think is stupid-kewl! Pleased to meet you Belladonna Boffin of Needlehole. Now, I could certainly go off on a tangent here if I didn’t excercise some restraint. Thanks for the chucle.

    And Yo to you Sorrow! Wasssssup?


    Bada bing…outta here!

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