The ABC’ S of Me

Published October 23, 2007 by missharleyquinn


 I got tagged!  Yippeee!  *kicking up heels and dancing a wee jig*  I love being tagged…this is the best!  Thank you Nakayima…you rock like Fred Flinstone!!!!

 Please visit the blog, it’s insightful:

The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.

A – Aztecs.  They had over 250 recipes for hot chocolate and I wish I did too.

B – Batman.  My daughter’s cat and the super hero, both are fav’s of mine.

C-Chocolate.  No explanation.  If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.

D – Democrat. 

E – Elizabeth I.  One of my favorite English monarchs.  And Erica, one of my favorite people.

F – Fingernails.  I like having a picture or two painted on mine.  Thinking of having a pic of a roasted turkey put on for November.

G – Glinda the Goodwitch.  One of my namesakes.

H  – Hutterites. They sew odd clothing, but grow the best veggies.  And Harry Potter.  Oh, and Hogwarts.  Like all of those.

I – Ink.  I love colored ink in glass bottles and writing letters a la Abigail Adams.

J – Jukebox.  I love old diners with a jukebox on every table.

K – Keebler Cookies.

L – Lasagna…homemade, from scratch…bubbly and oozing.

M – Meow.  I love the greeting.

N – Notebooks.  I get excited thinking of all the things I’ll fill them with.  Napoleon too.

O – Orbs in photos

P – Pashmina.  Pecan french Toast, while wrapped in a pashmina throw, watching Pinky and the Brain.

Q – Quills to write with.

R – Racoons that waddle down sidewalks as if your the trespasser in their suburban neighborhood.  Makes me laugh.

S – Samhain.  Sam Wise. 

T – Top hats and toddys that are hot.

U – U-Haul trucks.  They always remind me that adventure is a foot.  And there’s a world to see.

V – Veggies…love veggies.

W – Wasabi…Yummy.  Wicked, love that word.

X – X-Men…love ’em all.

Y – Yentl…I like the word, it makes me think of somone who has many lentils.

Z – Zephyr…Ah, the wind.

Those to be Tagged:

And of course SillyGuese of the Unworking link.


3 comments on “The ABC’ S of Me

  • Oh my gosh, I’ve never been tagged. I don’t even know what to do. I think I need to go lie down. (heavy breathing)……

    I’ll get the Ben and Jerry’s…you never know, you might be in shock for awhile. *g*

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