Politically Correct?

Published November 1, 2007 by missharleyquinn

CNN had a discussion group on this afternoon to discuss race and bigotry.  I must admit that I wasn’t watching it, just listening as I cleaned the house…but, there was this one part where one of the commentators referred to race relations as the white elephant in the room…shouldn’t that be the black elephant?  And does it upset elephants to be compared to  a large issue no one wants to talk about?  Is that how we see elephants, large things to desperately ignore?   How would a person feel if we referred to the things we don’t want to talk about as ‘the fat redneck in the corner’?  Or the ‘white gimp’?  If there isn’t an elephant defamation league I really think there should be one…I’m going to write to Al Sharpton about this tragic issue.  But, gotta clean the house first…


2 comments on “Politically Correct?

  • I guess it goes to show that he either is completely lacking in charisma, or women just have much better taste these days…..

    I’m going to miss you when you’re away next week!

  • What about all the Illegal Undocumented Migrant skeletons in my closet? Who do I call?

    Wow thats a tricky one. You have to ask yourself, are you proud of your skeletons or are they an embaressment? Given your answer I’d say either create a league to protect your rights or march on Washington! 🙂

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