Just One Song…

Published November 4, 2007 by missharleyquinn

Hawk tagged me with this one…Pick one song that describes you and darn it all, I want a full soundtrack!  Sorrow already knows the other song that goes hand in hand with this one, but I am going to be a good lil’blogger and follow the rule of one…This is “Sometimes”, by Gabrielle from the “Love Actually” soundtrack.  In almost all respects this is what it feels like to be me:


Tag, Goldenferi, you’re it!


4 comments on “Just One Song…

  • Hey Harley, Wasssup with this one? I was expecting something like:

    “I’m naked sittin’ in the tree, and gazing up at the stars”

    “My butt is cold and my clothes were dropped a bit too far…” Or something like that!

    The interlude is familiar but there is no reference. Can you help this Predator a little and send me a link. I’m challenged you know. Losing feathers and all!

    It was a nice peaceful arrangement. Thanks for playing tag! I have a real good one up my sleeve for you! Just you wait!

  • Hawk: Simply because I choose to be a bit unique, does not mean my soul doesn’t have its poetic facets. But…this is the second song (I shared with Sorrow). If you combine this and “Sometimes”, well it pretty much is me. 🙂

    I’d love to send a link for the Gabrielle song, but what I posted was all I could find sadly. It’s on the ‘Love Actually’ soundtrack if that helps.

  • There is no doubt in my mind about your poetic facets. I hope you did not infer from my commentary that I thought otherwise. I was merely funning with you from a comment I read of yours on another site that just made me gut bust laugh like a loon! 🙂

    Funning is fantastic and no worries Hawkie Pooh. *l*

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