A Word Without Definition and a Contest

Published November 6, 2007 by missharleyquinn

Imp One made a word up today, a word I love to say and yet we don’t know what it means yet…so, here it is:


I think it soounds the way someone feeling frazzled or wonky walks or moves (i.e. Missharleyquinn was tired and could barely make it home, so she went gallumpphiling the entire way.)  What do you think?  The best answer, decided by me and Imp One will win!  Yeah!! Yippee!  Prizes!!  The winner will win a ‘Pilpon’…a  tampon (ala the Halloween Ghost craft) wearing a pilgrim hat and some less bizarre goodies.  Contest ends Monday, November 12, 2007!


4 comments on “A Word Without Definition and a Contest

  • All I have to say on this one is hmmmmmmmmmm!

    You know, I meant to tell you I like the new look of your hacienda! Very nice. Very crisp and neat!


    Well, thank ya’ kindly sir.

  • Gallumpphiling: verb; the motion of preparing to burp after drinking copious amounts of soda pop.

    Yippee! My very first contestant! I knew I could count on you. Thanks sweetie. *g*

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