Yet Another Purse…

Published November 6, 2007 by missharleyquinn


What do you get when you combine a Dimetapp Children’s Cough Medicine ad, a McCall’s pattern for felted purses, and a $.25 wool sweater from Goodwill?  My new purse of course!  I needed one, since Imp Two took my monster bag!


4 comments on “Yet Another Purse…

  • Hello! Good to visit your blog! That is an awesome purse. Your Goodwill has better prices than mine does. A wool sweater would be at least $5! Anyway, love the purse. You’re very creative! Love, Wardeh

    Our Goodwill has 1/2 price days which make the prices quite low. And at the end of seasons they put the season’s clothing on clearence. I stocked up in wool sweaters to felt and have been having a blast making things from them.

  • Felting is something I’ve never done. I would like to, but I hesitate to add another craft to my life. Yet I am tempted everytime I see something like your purse. My Goodwill doesn’t do those 1/2 price days. The St. Vincent’s does though. They haven’t for awhile. I think it is about time! I am watching a bolt of waterproof nylon that is $30 and hoping for a sale soon so I can buy it for $15. Love, Wardeh

    I haven’t braved knitting wool to then felt, but instead prefer the ruining sweater method. I’d be happy to keep a look out for sweaters for you to dabble with. It’s a fun craft to work on while watching a movie or something and there’s so much you can do with it. I’ve made mittens, hats, purses, monsters, and change purses. I’ll send a prayer up for you for your nylon, God is very kind to me when it comes to clearence and sales items (I just got 2 panels of Pottery Barn toile curtains for $3.00’ish and they’re going for $178.00 on auction!). What do you want to make with the nylon?

  • Wow, that is great! Toile is so lovely. The nylon, well… do I have to have a use for it? 😉 Really, I would like to dabble in making some outdoor gear but don’t want to pay alot for the practice fabric. I’m not sure the fabric I want is actually nylon, it might be neoprene or… I just can’t remember the exact name. It is the stuff outer gear is made of and it is waterproof. That’s sweet of you to look out for the sweaters for me, you really don’t need to. Love, Wardeh

    A woman after my own heart, I too love fabrics that have no use or purpose…I just want them! 🙂

  • I have been trying to make Totes and Purses out of Sweaters and it’s not working I wash them in Hot Water 2 times and they still not working right Please tell me what to do and does the Sweaters have to be Wool

    To felt a sweater, it does need to be mostly wool. If you get a sweater with 20% rayon and 80% wool, it should work. This is not an exact science though and sometimes you have to experiment… a lot. 🙂 I had one sweater I ended up washing 6 times before it felted properly. The other option, if you’re dealing with sweaters that aren’t wool; trace the pattern of what ever it is you want to make onto the actual sweater. Next, sew with a sewing machine (I’ve nver been able to get my hand sewing stitches tight enough), a straight stitch of the tracing you made. This will act as an anchor to the knit stitches so the sweater doesn’t unravel. Third, cut out pattern and sew as instructed by the pattern. This will give you a sweater purse or tote (Or whatever you’re making), which will be stretchy, where felted items aren’t as stretchy. To limit that problem, line the item with any fabric you like. This will give it better form. I made a tote for my daughter out of an old sweater that was cotton and it turned out very cute, but yet again, its not felted. If you need any more help, please feel free to email me or comment again. Thanks for stopping by and good luck. 🙂
    P.S. Don’t forget to machine dry the felted sweaters, that tightens it up even more…I didn’t know that when I started. I was letting them hang dry.

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