Losekamp Hall investigation

Published November 11, 2007 by missharleyquinn


This past Friday, the BSPI (the local Boo Crew) headed by Karen Stevens  visited Losekamp Hall on the Rocky Mountain College campus.  Eric G. organized it and did an awesome job running the investigation.  On an interesting side note, I had visited the campus in September for a field trip with Skyler and got to see the hall then…all I have to say is I want to be 18 and have some grand musical talent so I can spend all my time in that gorgeous building.  But, while the kids and I were there one of the interior doors kept opening and solidly shutting of its own volition. 

On investigation night, we did an initial sweep of the building, I volunteered to go to the basement.  Armed with my EMF reader and a borrowed infared thermometer I headed down.  When I reached the bottom of the stairs I felt, well to be honest…not alone.  It was just such a definite feeling, but I told myself I was just jumpy because I was alone in a very old, very dark, and extremely creepy basement.  My EMF readings were very high and the temp had dropped almost 15 degrees.  Once I was done my sweep I asked one of the investigators that had been to a prior investigation at the site if readings like that were normal and they said with all the electrical conduits and such down there it made sense the readings would be like that.  Well, later that evening I was back in the basement and low and behold my readings were not like that at all any more…the EMF stayed  in a constant and normal zone and the temp was just 5 or 6 degrees less than the upper floors.  I realize now I need to trust my feelings.  Who knows what I may have caught on film if I had trusted that inner nagging that things were getting a bit out of the ordinary.  I’m knee deep in digital recordings and video (having listened to 2 hours of voice recordings already), but will post anything extrordinary.


2 comments on “Losekamp Hall investigation

  • Wow this is fascinating! The only Ghost I ever new was Chauncy, and he was wonderful! Looking forward to hearing how this goes…
    Chauncy? Oh do tell! I googled the word chauncy, thinking it might be a reference to something I don’t know about (A staggeringly long list, topped by beer gardens…which I imagine to be a display set up like gardens but the flowers and greenery are actually made up of recycled beer products, i.e. brown beer bottles welded onto thick rods and displayed as cat tails in a pond…bottle caps as the center of flowers with beer can metal cut to look like petals…no one has ever told me what they really are…so, I live with my imagery *l*…) and it said some one simple or a jeeves.

  • Oooohh Like the Google banging idea, I don’t do that often enough! Perhaps I will post about Chauncy tomorrow…That sounds like a wonderful idea!

    Looking forward to reading it.

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