The Pope’s Nose

Published November 12, 2007 by missharleyquinn


Perhaps I am alone in what was my ignorance on ‘the Pope’s Nose’…late Friday evening on the investigation, a group of us sat…tired, punch drunk, and as in those times the conversation drifted to the absurd .  My pal Kevin remarked about how his mother always called the turkey butt the ‘Pope’s Nose’…which I had never heard of in my life.  Infact, I thought he was joking…but no, it’s actually true.  Oddly enought the rear end of a turkey is also known as the ‘Parson’ s Nose’ and in Africa the ‘Sultan’s Nose’.  Now, I admit I’m easily confused and baffled, but why is it called anyone’s nose?  Food Network offers this definition and explanation:

Definition: Also known as a parson’s nose or Pope’s nose, this is the stubby tail protuberance of a dressed fowl. It seems to have originated as a derogatory term meant to demean Catholics in England during the late 17th century.

Now, is it that it looks like a nose or is it that a nose fits in that area?  I may have to go to the supermarket and check out some turkey ass…the lengths I must go to, to ferret out life’s mysteries.  *l*


*After reading Sorrow and Hawk’s themes for November, I’ve decided to run with the idea as well.  I shall leave the noble and high brow topics to the experts and instead delve into the honorable topic of turkeys for November.



One comment on “The Pope’s Nose

  • That is good to know for when the kids ask what’s for dinner on Thanksgiving. LOL
    My grandmother used to call the raisins in your oatmeal, flies. She would say,
    “Do you want flies in your oatmeal?” I thought that was so clever.

    Oh, the very strange things we were taught in our impressionable years. My grandmother constantly came up with doozies! I’ll have to share the flies with the imps over breakfast . *lol*

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