Published November 26, 2007 by missharleyquinn


I can’t believe I won an award and from two such amazing folks as well!  Thank you sooooooooo much, Goldenferi and Hawk.  You’ve made my day.  *big hugs and smooches*


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  • What do you mean you can’t believe you won! Damn girlfriend, you need to eat more beef, more goat, more squirrel, more mountain lion, more prairie dog, and a little bit of rattlesnake and grilled scorpions as an appetizer! Hmmmm, you are great! You just don’t know it yet. That’s that! And this ain’t “twaddle”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XOXXO Just had to throw that double-smooch in there!

    Thanks so much and not just for the double smooch. xxooxxoo

  • Sweet Harley,
    Just stopping by to tell you I found your 2 poems for the “KITCHEN”. They are posted now. They are absolutely precious! What I’m going to do is remove the second one, but print it. It will hang with Great Honor on my refrigerator. That way i’ll be keeping both copies. You are a Radiant Gem! Thanks for brightening up what I had written with “Feta and truffle oil” and your grace. AWESOME! comment. Thanks

    I’m so glad you found them…posting glitches confound me! I was just confused as to where they went…sorry if it clogged your comment zone. I can’t believe my poem is on your fridge…thats so great. Usually my mom is the only one who puts my stuff up and its been a long time since that happened. Have a wonderful weekend. *hugs*

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