5 Things For me

Published November 26, 2007 by missharleyquinn

 Hawk tagged me with this one:

What are the five gifts you would buy for YOURSELF this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?

First let me offer a bit of information, I take the term ‘unlimited’ very seriously.  The word is defined by Wordnet as:

1.  having no limits in range or scope

2.  inexhaustible: that cannot be entirely consumed or used up

With that in mind here are my five wishes:

1.  The Biltmore Estate


2.  Althorp Park


3.  I would become a real fairy godmother, in the sense I could make everyday wishes come true.  Now I know, some might argue that that’s not really for me, but you see it would be.  I would be able to help people, you know that moment where you slump on a chair, cradle your head in your hands, and wonder when life would give you a break?  I would be that break and that would be simply the best present of all to me.  Knowing I made life a little easier for everyone I could.

4.  I would, in my later years, become Santa Claus.  With unlimited money I could develop the technology to do all the great things he does and could have flying reindeers.  What an amazing thing to bring magic like that.  And a red velevt suit as well…brilliant! ( I know the premise is ‘this year’ but given a sound business plan and wise investment I could swing this as the gift that kept on giving).

5.  President George Bush as my man servant.  He would be required to wear costumes that coordinated with the holidays, or time of year, or my whim.  And when I was very happy, he would dance the Macarena.

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12 comments on “5 Things For me

  • I have been waiting so patiently for this post., knowing that it would be wonderful! Thank you so much for making my morning! I knew not to have coffee whilst I was reading!( saves the nasal cleaning!) Try not to have to much fun tormenting your Bush, I mean your George, George Bush…uh…you know what I mean…:)

    I’m glad I didn’t disappoint! *l* You are so cute…:)

  • Love #1 Very cool indeed! So, you want an home in the English Countryside eh?

    #3 & #4 are just the Cat’s Meow. As adults, we lose that sense of magic and wonderment you see in the eyes of children when the believe in fairy & pixie dust, flying reindeer, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy to name several.

    When you actually become the real Fairy Godmother, would you mind jetting over my way because I need some twinkle twinkle little magic in my life about now?

    As far as #5, I don’t know what to say. I voted for, he’s not a bad man, just ill-advised, and not too right-bright at times. Might be because of hanging around oil derricks too long! Man-servant is absolutely hilarious. I would caution you on thing if I may. Keep the turkey and popcorn from his reach. This may be cause for the creation of WMD! I’m laughing so hard at my self, I literally fell out of nest!

    Great post and thank you for playing along. Isn’t this just a damn hoot?

    I would be more than happy to come jetting over to your neck of the woods with some bippity boppity boo sort of twinkle dust and magic your life right up, I’ll jot you down as the first visit on my list! Now, if I could only get that unlimited cash. *l*
    On my would be man servant…I could write an endless response in regards to him, but in the end I’d end up boring the both of us! 🙂 Let us just leave it that I respect you for voting and making a choice in the election. I weary of folks who complain and yet silence themselves by not voting. I did not vote for him, for many reasons. Its funny, I rather enjoyed his father as a person and always enjoyed talking with him, but was too young when he was president to have an actual opinion on him as our leader. As for his son, he is what he is. Thanks again for tagging me with this one, I had fun coming up with my list. *hugs*

  • Miss Harley Quinn,
    That’s one Helluva list. 1 & 2 are some Honkin’ houses. I can’t wait to see the color scheme you pick for them. I’m sure you’ll agree that most national landmarks need a good brightening up! I can’t see you restrained by static traditions when your are so good at finding rare gems like the ones you post. #3 Well Of Course You Would!! Might I say that you may have done this already. We were all so tired after the hectic holiday when who breaks into our gloom & distracts us with laughter? You Do, that’s who. #4 If you coming down the chimney dressed in red velvet I’m leaving more than just milk & cookies by the fire place!! #5 After reading this….I feel dirty! Little sister you are balls-to-the-wall and this world just isn’t as funny without you.

    So Thank you for tagging me with this exercise. I’ll use your definition of “Unlimited funds” as a guideline. I have one question though. How come I get cut off at 5 things if I have endless dough as an resource? (Please email your response to, “curious_with_cash_@OMG……”) Dobre Den.

    I completely agree with you about national landmarks and you’re actually very authentic in your historic home knowledge, as to brightening up. One of the most popular room colors of the Biltmore era is a bright Robin’s egg blue…so watch out, I’ll have a paint bill the size of the national debt at Lowes! *lol*
    You’re are so sweet Polar, and might I add that your posts brighten my days as well…reminding me to stop and really look…to see the sky is not merely darkening but that the sun dips and collides with the horizon, shaking out starry quilts across the land in breathless anticipation of sweet slumber before a new and shining day. Your writing is like the 128 count Crayola box. *hugs to you and yours*

    P.S. I agree about the 5 rule, but figured it was like the genie with 3 wishes…no matter how much you want to, you can’t wish for an additional 3 wishes. Drat the small print!

  • Polar, you have to remember the correct vernacular is “big honkin’ houses!” LMAO –

    I believe he is using ‘Honkin’ in the way some describe ‘god’ and ‘God’…my future homes aren’t merely ‘big honkin’ houses, they are ‘The Honkin’ Houses’! *lol* We can hold vegan barbecues at my little winter home , “The Quinnmore Estates”, when it’s too chilly at your ginormous nest in the mountains. 🙂

  • 🙂 Yep, thanks.

    In my last two blog incarnations I spoke out alot against this administration, the war on iraq, and for impeachment of the Bush and the Dick. Had the tags and the links and the banners for it all on my sidebar, etc.

    I still have very strong opinions on it. But you know what Ms. Harley? Our government is SO corrupt, and their reach SO far, that for real justice to be done just began to seem like a pipe dream. MOST of the American people have got their heads up their asses and their fingers in their ears saying, “Na Na Na…I can’t Hearrrr you!” when you even try to talk about these sorts of things.

    We are a nation split in half….and neither ‘side’ is very pretty (have you watched any of the debates).

    It’s nice to see others are still focusing on this issue. I do my thing behind the scenes now but frankly, I really began to lose hope when – after voting in a democratic Congress, they all back pedelled.

    HOWEVER 🙂 Being the believer in Karma that I am – The Bush, The Dick, and all their cronies have a pretty massive Dark Cloud coming their way.

    Either in this life or the next 😉

    I’m a very minor student in history, but I believe there is a marked difference between the Americans of this century and the Colonists who founded America. Obvious? Yes, but the differences go far deeper than fashion. People in that day and age actually talked about things, they discussed the world and how it was running. The American Revolution didn’t occur because John Adams sat around watching Fox news and griping about the damn liberals. And Thomas Jefferson didn’t sit around watching Anderson Cooper and filing law suits against the local school board because the colors of red and green were combined at the local high school during the month of December. The men and women of the Revoltuion not only talked about how to change the world, they actually set out to try and change the world. Sometimes they succeeded and other times failed miserably, but they tried. People today are so wrapped up in being told what to think, they have forgotten how to do it for themselves. And when one of us squeezes through the cracks and speaks the truth we get pummeled (i.e. John Murtha…loved by the present administration for his war hawk ways, he changes his mind and suddenly he must be insane after all the years he was in the military). When we question, we’re told we are unpatriotic, we’re Liberal scum, we love terrorists, we hate the army, the list is endless and for the most part terribly wrong. I agree our government is corrupt. Our President and half his cabinet are liars and commit criminal acts as often as chain smokers inhale. But, what do we do about it? We gripe and we go to bed. Now is not a time for silence, now is the time for every American to make their voice heard. Ordinary people can change the world, history is our proof of that. I sometimes feel as if I write more letters to government officials than I do to my family and friends, but I will not be silenced. My voice will be heard, even if its only by some clerk in Joe Biden’s office. I’m glad you shared your voice with me and look forward to more. As to the Karma, I tend to see it more as a sucking black hole that hovers above the crowd you mentioned.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing” ~Edmund Burke

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