Make Your Own Head Day

Published November 27, 2007 by missharleyquinn


I’m rather partial to this head.

In the spirit of celebrating and observing those often overlooked holidays, let us not forget the beloved and often confusing ‘Make Your Own Head Day’, which falls on November 28.  I hope this ‘heads up (I just had to say that)gives everyone time to make their own heads this evening, so they’re not caught short handed ( should that be short headed?) when family and friends gather on the morrow to show off their own holiday heads.


3 comments on “Make Your Own Head Day

  • I will not publish what my first reaction to this title was. Let’s just say Knowing your wit, I was scared, very very scared…..

    Your first thought was most likely my first thought when I saw the title on a page about holidays…I’m still not even certain the purpose of this day…*l* But, who am I to question? *l* I’m merely here to celebrate.

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