Kitchen Reveal

Published December 2, 2007 by missharleyquinn

Over at, In The Court of The White Bear, Polar wrote an awesome poem about his Aunt’s kitchen.  I commented in like style of the poem he wrote (his is way better) and he had an amazing idea…a reveal about other people’s kitchens.  So, in honor of Polar’s poetic talents and kitchens everywhere, here’s this week’s tag…

Tell about your kitchen; you may follow the poetry stylings of Polar by visiting the above link, write your own style poetry, or just do anything bloggable to tell the world about you and your kitchen.

The tagees are:






Polar (Now that I’ve read about your Aunt’s kitchen, I want to hear about yours!)


11 comments on “Kitchen Reveal

  • Oh! How fun! 🙂 Thank you Missy!

    I just posted this morning, before seeing this. I’ll do this tomorrow, ok? Sounds like alot of fun!

    I can’t wait to see yours! I’ll be looking on the morrow. 🙂

  • So I have to write this a second time? Your a slave driver! :-p

    Well, technically it’s not a second time, unless you’ve moved in with your aunt and her kitchen is now your kitchen! *l* Thanks for the great idea.

  • Harley, please accept my regrets for being dillatory in response to this. I have been out-of-state, and will get at it and get to it very shortly. This should be interesting!

  • Have no regrets dear Hawk…regrets are just the black jelly beans at the bottum of our lives and do us no good…”Hawk’s posts are never late, nor are they early, the posts arrive precisely when Hawk intends them to.” (Like my fractured Tolkien? *lol*)

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