Presidential Chitter Chatter and Chattel

Published December 31, 2007 by missharleyquinn


A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ.”

~Statement from the SBC, Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee endorsed in 1998 and still endorses today.

Definition of servant:  One that performs duties about the person or home of a master.



5 comments on “Presidential Chitter Chatter and Chattel

  • Oh, please Goddess…don’t let another Fundamentalist Male in the White House. Hasn’t the last one done enough damage.

    Although I kinda like the idea of a man serving me….

    Dear Grace,
    My prayers are right there with yours. I don’t relish the idea of anyone serving me, man or woman. I’d rather find myself in the company of equals. Happy New Year. 🙂

  • How can anyone say anything other than ..”UGH”
    This upcoming election promises to be one of the most Horrifying ones of recent memory. They all suck weenies.


    I keep thinking of this bumper sticker I read during the last election, “Vote Cthulu for President. Why vote for the lesser evil?” It seems perfect for the upcoming election as well. 🙂

  • LOL Happy New Year 🙂 (and I hope you know I was only joking…..)

    Keep in mind there are loads of non-humans for servants…Curious George…Darth Cheney, etc. *l*

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