Barack Obama Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

Published January 5, 2008 by missharleyquinn

I was moved to tears when I watched this speech (Keep in mind, I also cry during the holiday Cheerios’ commercials, so it might not say much *l*) and was struck by what a powerful speaker he is.  Many people have compared him to Martin Luther King Jr. and I can see that, but this speech also reminds me a lot of John F. Kennedy.  There is a vibrancy, a sense of the king energy, its insprational and after 7 years of fear mongering, hatred, bigotry, and corruption from the present administration, he isn’t singing diddly when he says he is about change.  I also loved the historical references and the ‘St. Crispin’s Day’ feel to the end of the speech.  Please take the 13 minutes to watch this, although it gets truly great at about 6:42 minutes in.

My Hew Hampshire Prediction:

Clinton and Romney

My hope:

Edwards or Obama

Republicans, well they all give me the Willys (I wish there was another word that meant bigger, scarier, and more worriesome than Willys, like Leroys or Georges) and so have no hopes in regards to that party.


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