The Ghosts on 87th Lane

Published January 21, 2008 by missharleyquinn
I just finished this book and am not entirely certain what I thought of it.  I was fascinated by the description of the house and how the author dealt with the other house mates.  What disturbed me was the the author herself and her relationship with the people in her life.  Her husband is portrayed as a man who believes he is the smartest, wisest, and most superior being in the house and quite possibly the world (which might explain why no one every really befreinds them as a couple and not the ghostly activity as the author theorizes) and even though his wife is driven to the brink of spiritual and physical exhaustion and debilitation by the spirits in the house, he continues to belittle her and ignore her completely.  He won’t sell the house, won’t hear any talk about anything he doesn’t believe in,  and offers her absolutely no support what so ever.   So she is reduced to feeling that she must be going insane and apologizes to him, even when he’s at fault.  Her son treats her like an idiot as well.  Her other friends offer what support they can in light of her pitiful marriage and egotistical husband…which can’t be much.  So, basically this woman lives in this haunted house, terrified to sleep or even iron her own clothing because of the many ghosts and their actions.
I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe why all of this happened to her and is still happening, was a lesson to actually grow a backbone.  No one treats a person the way her husband did and does if they respect and truly care for you.  Maybe these spirits were there to teach her to stand up for herself and find her inner strength.
I’m torn now, part of me wants to go to her house and offer my sympathy to her for a live not lived and for always backing down and being terrified of the people that supposedly should care about her and the other part…wants to ring her door bell and tell her to put her big girl panties on and get a back bone!

4 comments on “The Ghosts on 87th Lane

  • I really don’t like books where i want to reach in and smack a character and tell them to Wake up, esp if it’s the main character. I know to many folks I want to shake , to be reading about one in a book.

    I was the same way with the Robert Jordan ‘Wheel of Time’ I hated every character from page one. Thus I never read more than the first chapter! *l*

  • That sounds like a very interestingly weird book. One that you hate what is happening but at the same time, keep reading because you are wondering if anything will ever change. I’ll have to give this one some thought. Right now, I’m getting ready to start The Memory Keepers Daughter, which a friend read last year and said was fantastic.
    I’ll let you know, if I ever get it started!
    happy day to you- the 20’s of January are here! Only a few days to go!

    I’m back to my Mrs. Polifax mystries for pleasure reading and Lewis and Clark for research. 🙂 The Imps and I are counting the days!

  • hi am am her great grandniece and paul is like that but he can be nice and the do have lots of friend she lost some but gande more johnny cause all of that i had many experiences so yeah its a good book

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  • your welcome so trust me its not paul its johnny and he is up to his antics again and he is not full force just half way and he could be nicer but isint so i hope you did really like the book and she is not crazy or anything she is just normal fighter like most people 🙂

    I never, ever thought she was crazy. I just feel very bad she’s dealt with so much. 🙂

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