Waggle of Witches Quilt

Published February 18, 2008 by missharleyquinn
The quilt is finally complete!  It did end up taking a wee bit longer than I had planned, but I also didn’t plan on the Imps and I getting sick!  Ah, the best laid plans of mice and moms.  🙂  My daughter adores it and told me it was her best birthday gift.

3 comments on “Waggle of Witches Quilt

  • Wow! The quilt is wonderful. I am really impressed! You did all the stitching by hand, didn’t you? I am in awe! I’m not surprised your daughter said it was her best gift. You’re a very loving mom.

    Love, Wardeh

    I must confess, I machine appliqued, elsewise I’d still be on the third square right now! 🙂 I did hand piece and quilt though. Thank you for the very sweet words. *hugs*

  • Now how the hell did i miss this post???
    I had to have someone else (ahem) mention it to me.
    It’s wonderful! I love it!
    I had one with holly hobby on it when I was a little thing, but this ROCKS! Your daughter is right!
    You are the best mommy ever!
    ( machine appliquéd and all!)

    SillyGuese and I had the Holly Hobby one too! We should start a bizarre club for people who slept beneath Miss Hobby. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words…If I’m the best mommy ever, you must be the bestest mommy everest. *g*

  • This is wonderful. I would never have the patience for quilting but wish I did.

    Thank you for the kind words…as to patience, my level is at an all time high…I’m right there with toddlers and have been known to throw a sippy cup or two when peeved. I actually took up quilting to learn patience. Perhaps you might find it helpful too. 🙂

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