Milky Way Cookies

Published March 7, 2008 by missharleyquinn


With a large amount of fun sized Milky Way candy bars given to us by my mom, I found this recipe to use up some of the excess.  The cookies are very rich and yummy!  (Sorrow, hope the cookies aren’t too scary looking! 🙂

For the recipe, please visit:,1710,146165-228206,00.html


4 comments on “Milky Way Cookies

  • You sure? i won’t eat anything my friend Kim might wear at the strip club….

    Ah, the many definitions of pasties…I thought you were referring to the food variety, not the sort that usually accompanies G-strings. I believe I’m completely done with posting about food…our family recipes shall be a secret from the universe. *lol* Although, you have opened a new can of worms so to speak…baked goods worn by strippers, sounds like there’s some money to be made there.

  • You know I have a good friend who wants me to design costume for a burlesque house she is trying to get off the ground, I think maybe i should tell her about your erotic edibles??? eh eh eh?

    My erotic edibles? It is not the baker (me), but the visionary (you) who came up with the idea! At no point have I confused cookies for nipple covers! *lol*

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