The 2008 Election and You

Published March 7, 2008 by missharleyquinn

It is said that the Presidential election of 2008 is one of the most important elections of our time, but I believe any and all elections are important. Elections give everyone the chance to be heard, to express what we the people want for a government and the people we believe can best represent us.  I know who I would like to see in the White House and a quick view of this blog offers that choice resoundingly, but what I want most is for every American to vote and vote wisely.  Please take the time to vote and have your voice heard…and I urge everyone to research the candidates, the issues, and make an educated decision on who they want to lead this country.

This is a great place to start:


2 comments on “The 2008 Election and You

  • I vote for more of your cool music!
    I want to know when we can have elected officials that don’t bounce checks , have criminal records, are filthy rich, or are in general back biting sleaze bags…oh wait…it’s politics! ( smack on the forehead!)
    Can I vote for Nadar again?? some one said he was running….
    ( I am being a wise ass don’t mind me…)

    I actually believe Nader is running in 2008, although I’m not sure under which party. Politics is what we make of it, nothing more, nothing less. And I like it when you’re a smart ass…if you want to go compeltely wicked fun on voting, Emperor Julius Ceasar is running in 2008 as well…and thats no joke. I think there are 186 registered for the office of President.

  • This is so funny. I saw your appeal to everyone to vote & vote wisely via the use of your link. It reminded me of a link I had stashed away that would inform people about who represented them. I meant to add my link here as a comment to assist your crusade. When I looked up my link I found it was the same link you already have up. Who’da guessed it.
    I’m in the delightful position of having no one to vote for. Which means I can kick back and watch the fireworks without taking it personally & losing my mind. No matter who wins I lose. Yet I WILL still vote. I will debate myself and decide on who I think is best when the time comes. To much blood has been spilled to win me this right/privilege for me to waste it.
    Thank you Harley.

    I salute you and the forth coming debate you’ll have with yourself…those are always the most interesting, they can get so vicious. 🙂

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