Cat Holocaust in China

Published March 11, 2008 by missharleyquinn
Update:  Please visit:  A Seat on the Bus   to find consumer products that enable all of us
to shop our conscience.  Its a work in progress and suggestions are dearly appreciated.

A dear friend brought this horror to my attention, it is merely another tragedy from a government with little or no value for life…any life.  I have been doing my best to boycott Chinese goods in an effort to avoid the constant recalls and make a statement that the goods I purchase will be safe and will pay fair wages to its employees.  I’m sure they’ve felt the absence of my money…Not!  But, now…well I’m done.  If I can’t find it made anywhere but China, then I will do without. I would like to take a moment though, to mention there are people in China who are doing their best to save the cats.  One woman has 250 in her home and it is those people my heart’s hope rests with.  They are the ones who in the midst of irrational, fear mongering, government propaganda choose life…take a risk to stand up and be counted with those who fight for life, all life, each and every day.


5 comments on “Cat Holocaust in China

  • Thank you so much for posting this and making us all aware. I’m a HUGE cat lover, and however difficult this is to hear and look at…it’s necessary.

    I for one…am beside you!

    Thanks again, Harleyquinn.

    Thank you so much for your comment…I too have trouble looking at these stories and viewing pics…my heart breaks…I don’t want to admit peole could be so mean, so thoughtless, so stupid. I snuggled my cats so much after viewing the pics, not being able to even understand how anyone could commit such acts to such loving creatures. Then again, I can’t imagine how anyone could be so cruel to any creature…loving or not. Thanks for stopping by and stand tall…we can all make a difference, one baby step at a time. 🙂

  • How China ever earn the right to host the Olympics is beyond me… They are not only cruel to animals, but their HUMAN rights (lack thereof) are atrocious. If only enough people in power had the guts to do something about it….

    Thanks for drawing attention to this, Harley! It’s such an important issue!

    Sorrow is actually the one who gave me the head’s up, in an email about this. I was so appalled…I just wish I could go to China and bring back all the sweet kitties.

  • It is horrifying that these things happen. I wish I could point at China, at the dog and cat mass killings that they do (seemingly every year), and know that if we fixed things in China, we’d have protected animals everywhere. Unfortunately our own government (and I’d guess every government) is often acting in exactly the same manner.

    There was the issue with the ferals at JFK this past fall, a maintained and controlled colony. There were the roundups and kilings of stray cats (and maybe dogs) in Salt Lake City before they hosted the olympics. (Not to mention all the people pushed out of their housing by the inflated prices their landlords suddenly wanted, which surely added to the already difficult homeless pet population.) More recently there was the town in Iowa that was offering a $5 bounty for ferals and strays that they’d kill after no one claimed them. (A few organizations stepped in to help them, but that’s just one instance that became front page news, I’m sure things like that are happening every day.)

    I guess my point is that this situation in China is dire and urgent right now, and I’m glad it is getting people to take action, but I hope no one thinks that it is limited to China, or that it isn’t happening in our own back yards. I know there are a lot of cat lovers out there – please think about looking into supporting a feral cat group in your area (one that does TNR), especially if you have the time to help manage a colony. We’ve essentially created the problem, it is up to us to help fix it. (especially since when cat populations are deemed to be out of control, the people in charge always look at killing as the solution. this is unethical and uneducated of them. it is always best to not let it get to that point to begin with!)

    Thanks for posting about this MHQ, and thanks to Sorrow also for spreading the word!

    I must first mention, this concept of standing up for something of this nature is virgin ground for me. I love to shop and until around this time last year, I bought what I wanted, where I wanted, and didn’t give a rip for origin, fair trade, or much else. I had this obviously uninformed and naive belief that these comapanies and merchants cared about me, my family, and our welfare. When the pet food recall hit, then the constant toy recalls came rolling in, it got me thinking. I had been ignorant for so long and will readily admit I’m ignorant on a great deal of things today as well. 🙂 I’m making baby steps with my power of the purse, but what gets me about China is there is always something…something horrible, something that makes me question how much we as humans have grown and learned since the Dark Ages. I did not know Salt Lake City was as evil towards animals as China. That gives me a lot to think about. I do know that many areas use death as a way to control populations of animals and have been sickened by it. I personally try to help out with my local no kill shelter and foster high risk animals. I do what I can, where I can locally and agree with you…cleaning up our own back yards, so to speak, can make a world of difference. Sometimes, the problems and the horrors seem so big, I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to do. My personal boycott of China is where I begin, I know not where the journey shall take me. Thank you so much for commenting here, you always give me pause, force in the best of ways for me to think more about something, and for that am grateful. *hugs*

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