Birthday Napkins

Published March 16, 2008 by missharleyquinn
After my daughter’s birthday in February, I decided I wanted to make a tablecloth and napkin set for birthdays.  I’m weary of the waste of plastic and paper products for celebrations and so decided to design a set for my family.  My mother has informed me that my design is very similar to a set being sold at Pottery Barn, but I haven’t seen it…so don’t know how close they are.  But, I can guarentee mine didn’t cost nearly as much as the Pottery Barn version.  🙂  I wanted to include a pic of the tablecloth, but my dining room is like a long, thin, dungeon and I couldn’t get the tablecloth and the design to show up well.  My imps are excited, they have a very deep love of tradition…these kids spend the day after Christmas turning all the holiday cards into decorations for the next year…’so they can remember the past holidays’ .  So, this table cloth and napkin set thrills them…I know, they’re a bit weird.  *l*
* The fabric was a gift to me for helping out at my Imp’s school…so I have no info on it if anyone is interested in it. 

3 comments on “Birthday Napkins

  • Those are wonderful and what a great idea. Did you applique them or did you “gulps” needlepoint? I too hate plastic and wont use it though I do have one vinyl table cloth that I keep on the dining table at all times. It goes under the cloth ones to protect the table. I love cloth napkins and it adds such a special touch. I am trying to move away from as much paper as I can as well. You should make more of this stuff and open a site selling it.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I machine appliqued the napkins and the tablecloth. If I even attempted to needlepoint them, I would still be working on them…heck, my grandkids would end up finishing them! I’m the slowest craft peron on the planet, or so I tend to think. *lol* I have a really old, crappy table so I don’t need to protect it from anything, but if I did I’d probably have some sort of protective vinyl or oil table cloth too. 🙂

  • Very pretty! I love your projects! As an avid cloth napkin lover, I applaud you! 😀

    Did you ever buy a serger?

    Love, Wardeh

    I did and I adore my serger. I’m amazed with how quickly projects come together using the serger. I too love cloth napkins and with the serger the entire process is so easy and quick. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • I’m so glad you got a serger! Have fun with it! I just finished cloth napkins for my mother-in-law and the rolled hems look so nice. Love, Wardeh

    I adore my serger and am having entirely too much fun making things. 🙂 I’m going to post the summer nightgowns I made for S. soon…it was amazing how fast the project went with the serger. Thanks so much for all the help and info you gave me on sergers, it made all the difference. *hugs*

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