Sweet Summer

Published March 27, 2008 by missharleyquinn
After more than a weeks worth of serious posts, I thought everyone would enjoy a break.  So, here are two summer nightgowns (that quite obviously are in dire need of ironing) I made for Imp #2.  I found the fabric at MRM (Montana Rescue Mission,thrift store) for $.50!  The Pattern used is:  McCalls M4505 (another great find at MRM).

5 comments on “Sweet Summer

  • You are sew cute with your sewing! I’ve been watching Little House on the Prairie while I’m at the beach and think of you up there in Montana, sewing away until the weather warms up a bit.
    Very cute! I can never find nightgowns that are the “right” kind for my girls. Maybe I need to check out McCalls too!

    Thanks for the Little House on the Prairie comment, there is a part of me that loves that sort of thing. My husband teases me that I would be happy as a clam living that way…one can dream! 🙂 I decided to make pjs for the imps because the ones in the stores don’t last. If you saw how quickly the ones I’ve purchased for my kids have worn out, you’d think that when the sun went down they worked the grave yard shift as sherpas! *l* Ripped knees, hems falling out, seams just melting open…so, this is my way to insure the pjs are around for more than a month. Good luck with the run coming up. *hugs*

  • Those are great! What good finds! Are you using your serger? Love, Wardeh

    My serger is being used constantly, I have no idea how I got by without. Again, thank you for all the guidance on that purchase. 🙂

  • Oh, yes, I know! How could we have done any kind of sewing without a serger? 😀 Love, Wardeh

    I’m thrilled to not always need to sew French seams or iron every edge over twice for a clean edge. Its heavenly. 🙂

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