What Are You Doing With Your Government Rebate Check?

Published April 29, 2008 by missharleyquinn

I tried to talk the IRS into keeping my check, letting me return it to them, even not taxing me if I didn’t cash it…no deal.  So I thought to myself, ‘what shall I do with this boon of money?’  The bulk of it will be tucked safely into my savings account, but(isn’t there always a but?  *l*)…I found this Genetic Genealogy site and sooooooooo want to try it.  But, I do wonder if its just a money making scheme and what they tell me will turn out to be bunk!



3 comments on “What Are You Doing With Your Government Rebate Check?

  • According to some research I read somewhere, some time ago, we can all be traced back to the same Eve, with the exception of a small group of people, Was it pigmies? This would be so cool…
    I am getting money?
    wow…now that could be fun, maybe some home improvements for Kamp Huuwanahokalugee?

  • I read about something with Eve too…that there are the seven daughters of Eve and all people can be traced to one of them…how amazing is that? Perhaps with the extra money you could get a camp bus? 🙂

  • ohh a camp bus? Like a psychedelic VW bus with peace signs and stuff?
    or maybe benches for around the fire pit?
    or marshmallows and chocolate?
    I guess the whole Eve theory goes to prove we are all related…
    and we sure do fight like siblings

    I was thinking a Partridge family kind of bus! I always loved the graphics for that show with the birds and eggs! As to spending your rebate on chocolate…I think that is a brilliant plan! *hugs*

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