Scroll’ing for School

Published May 4, 2008 by missharleyquinn

During the month of May the librarian at the Imp’s school teaches about the Middle Ages and I offered to help out, in light of the fact that I have armor and various other Medieval fun stuff in the house.  I made this scroll for one of the days I’ll be speaking.  The ink is sadly a very non-period blue, but I couldn’t find a drop of black ink anywhere in the house and didn’t have the time or desire to mix up a batch old school style.  Otherwise I’m fairly happy with the results, working on this piece reminded me of why I enjoy painting so much.  Maybe I’ll illuminate Solstice cards this year…


3 comments on “Scroll’ing for School

  • Wow!
    Very lovely!
    I love the saddled polarbears…something from Narnia perhaps?
    I don’t think it needs the heavy black..
    your love of that period shine thru!
    Need to get you to come over and dig into my fabric paint and due me a jacket!

    Actually, the school mascot is ‘Poly the Polar Bear’ so I wanted to incorporate the bear in somewhere. I’d love to paint you a jacket! I have a friend who still plays in the SCA, she handpainted her and her husband’s courtship in Celtic knotwork along the hem of a cotehardie…its gorgeous!

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