M.H.S., aka Moses Head Syndrome

Published June 3, 2008 by missharleyquinn

I’ve recently come to the realization that I suffer from Moses Head Syndrome.  The symptoms are fairly easy to identify; pillows that are divided or ‘parted’ down the center (hence the Moses reference) leaving no fluff to cradle the sleepers head, an inability to correct the parted pillow through various and not so subtle ways (fluffing accordian style, placing in the dryer with tennie balls, swinging the pillow against the wall in hopes of re-positioning the pillow stuffing), and a manic need to shop for pillows that are rumored or advertised as un-splittable.  I’ve theorized as to why this happens to me and my many, many pillows…perhaps I have a really heavy head filled with far too many thoughts and dreams, maybe my brain is rather large for my build, or as my Republican step dad thinks, perhaps my head is filled with rocks!   Whatever it may be, I just want a pillow with a life span exceeding a week! 


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