These Days

Published June 25, 2008 by missharleyquinn

For the past year I fully believed I was moving some time this summer to parts unknown (that being the Army’s love of treating base assignments like the Academy Awards and waiting until the last possible moment to rip open the envelope and announce the winner…your new location) and I like the wise old ant was prepared.  I packed over the last 10 months, carefully tucking knick knacks and the like into boxes and labeling them with the detail accorded donor organs.  In these final weeks leading up to my husband’s sceduled arrival from Korea, I de-cluttered the entire house (what my real estate agent called it…it makes me think of clearing everything but the bare essentials from your home, so prospective buyers think someone lives there, but you do nothing while there).  My kitchen counters are a sea of surfaces, a lone microwave emitting its deadly rays into the house with nothing cute or interesting to bounce off of.  I was pleased, the kids had cooperated and theirrooms were impeccable, the bathrooms gleamed and each night I went to bed knowing I had been one step ahead of the game, had prepared so well this move was going to seem like a vacation and then…

       The Army decided that my husband was not be given a base assignment per say, instead like a piece of precious art he is on loan to Fort Riley, Kansas and will deploy to Iraq in January 2009, and the Imps and I, in our carefully packed house, on the launch pad of moving from this abode…well, we’re staying put for another two years.  Is there any way Murphy’s Law could have struck more perfectly?  *l*

    Now, its back to the hamster wheel, unpacking the house, painting what we hated when we moved in and turning the house back into something like a home….


2 comments on “These Days

  • OH shit.
    (More hugs)
    another winter in Montana…
    Is he gonna put on his Ruby slippers and click them a few times to get home?
    (hugs again)

    Actually, there is a bit of good to all of this…he’ll be home around July 23 and isn’t allowed to report for duty until October 12! I guess thats a perk to being on loan to somewhere…so, he’ll be here with the Imps and I for almost 3 lovely months. 🙂 Thanks for the hugs. *smooches*

  • Oh doesn’t it just figure. Well certainly things are clean and organized, (if you want to look for the silver lining) but it certainly dangled you out there in the unknown.

    I tend to be an annoying Pollyanna, its what gets me out of the bed in the morning. *l*

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