Altar Cloths to the Gods of Tacky Fabric

Published July 11, 2008 by missharleyquinn

A few months ago a friend introduced me to the wonder of cloth napkins.  I’d love to say that I’ve embraced this concept so as to relieve land fills of tons of paper napkins or to save money purchasing one less product at the grocery, but in all honesty its just an excuse to fully give into my inexplicable love of tacky fabric.  So often, I would peruse the fabrics available at local thrift shops and craft stores falling head over heels in love with fabric that was, for example covered in cats dressed in 16th century clothing (which I actually have in my stash of napkins now) and not knowing what I could do with it.  Did I want a quilt of that pattern?  Did I want yet another tote bag or purse made from it?  Did anyone I know want something of that nature.  Invariably the answer would be ‘no’ and I would move on.  But, no more…1/2 a yard makes 2 napkins and fills me with smiles and glee.  Above are my latest napkins. 

    I experimented with mitered corners, folded over corners and hemmed edges, and then serging.  I genuinely prefer the serged edges; first because I can make a napkin in under 45 seconds and I also don’t like the weight of the hemmed edges and bulky corners. 

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