Serger Woes and Triumphs

Published July 13, 2008 by missharleyquinn

I adore my serger and use it constantly.  I’m not even certain how I could have sewn for so many years and not had a serger.  The day I got it was like a ray of sun breaking through the clouds…and then a darkness came…the lower loop thread broke.  Not such a big deal, right?  Wrong! Not only is that particular thread nigh impossible to re-thread  you also can’t just re-thread the broken one.  Up until the thread breaking and a little piece of my heart too, I hadn’t threaded it.  I was rather spoiled in that it was pre-threaded when I purchased it… so all this was new to me.  After reading the manual and watching the DVD that came with it, I found that sergers and their maintenance is much like alchemy and everything must happen in a precise order or its a complete failure.  Each thread has a particular moment to be threaded and must be done with the precision of a neurosurgeon or the Gods become most displeased.  Thankfully, after 4 hours and much muttering I was able to re-thread it and once again my serger and I were living happily ever after.  Granted, that was the height of excitement on my Friday night…who says getting older is boring?  *l*

2 comments on “Serger Woes and Triumphs

  • Okay, now i am NEVER buying one.
    I has a scared!

    Oh, don’t be scared…I’m about as technical as an Ice Age squirrel…I know you’d have one re-threaded in no time flat! I do love mine so and I just know you’d love one too. *hugs*

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