New Skin Care Regi(wo)men…(since its for me)

Published July 19, 2008 by missharleyquinn

I recently (thats a lovely term that in my world could mean yesterday or 1993) purchased “Organic Body Care Recipes” by Stephanie Tourles and finally got around to making a few of the facial goodies.  Last evening I made ‘Old fashioned Lavender Toner’, ‘Herbal Soapy Skin Wash’, and ‘Light Moisturizer’. I’m going to use these 3 products over the next 6 weeks and am hoping for the following results:

1.  They actually work…meaning my skin pretty much stays the same or miraculously looks lovely…like women in a BBC movie drinking tea on a lovely spring afternoon.  It would be amazing if I could make my own skin care products from natural ingredients, instead of buying a tube of chemicals at the local drug store.

2.  That the product lasts long enough to make it affordable.  My initial expense for all three products was $37.00.  Which compared to commercially made cleansers, toners, and moisturizers is incredibly cheap, but would be even better if I had enough for 6 months.

3.  When my husband comes home in 5 days and hugs me, doesn’t tell me my head smells funny…like an old flyer from Woodstock or his great aunt’s attic in high summer.

4.  None of it makes me break out like a 14 year old…unless of course I also have the skin tone of a 14 year old and my wrinkles have been completely erased…that would be okay then.  Otherwise no zits…I’m weary of combating zinkles.


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