Toby Keith…Bigot in a Cowboy Hat

Published August 5, 2008 by missharleyquinn

During Keith’s appearance on the July 30 broadcast of Beck’s show, he Toby Keith said “I think the black people would say he [Obama] don’t talk, act or carry himself as a black person.”

“What does that even mean?” the audibly shocked Beck replied.

“Well, I don’t know what that means,” Keith drawled, “but I think that that’s what they would say. Even though the black society would pull for him I still think that they think in the back of their mind that the only reason he is in [the general election] is because he talks, acts and carries himself as a Caucasian.”

~From Max Blumenthal Article

Doesn’t act like a black person?  Doesn’t carry himself as a black person?  Black Society?  Talks, acts, and carries himself like a caucasian?  What in the world does that mean? (strange that Beck and I have the same question) That Senator Barack Obama fulfills stereotypical caucasian behavior but not stereotypical African American behavior and what exactly are those behaviors?  Could we actually get past what we expect people to be by their appearence and actually see them for their character, their choices (both wise and foolish), and their accomplishments?  Not that I know much about Mr. Toby Keith, but why would he say such things?  If he is an avid supporter of Senator John McCain couldn’t he say something to the effect of, ” I applaud Senator McCain’s constant pressure on the Burmese government ?  Or I’m completely for a gas tax holiday, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it is to fill the tank of a tour bus?”  Or even better, actually disagreed with Senator Obama for a real issue, such as saying, “I think its foolish to try and create more protections against food borne illnesses, those illnesses make our immune systems stronger and he wants to make us weaker and thats un-American” (I’m not certain Mr. Keith would say that, but it’s just an example of the latest bill sponsored by Senator Obama and what I could come up with on short notice) Didn’t he know one wise person that chided him, to not ‘judge a book by its cover’?


5 comments on “Toby Keith…Bigot in a Cowboy Hat

  • Okay, don’t know much about this fella, only that he used to play pro football.
    What can i say? some people should remain silent, less all the doubt be removed.

    Well, now I know once upon a time he could play football and is also a bigot…:) When I first read this comment I thought it said, ‘…some people should remain silent, lest they be removed’…I should not multi task while blogging! *lol*

  • You mean this is a real live person? I thought ‘Toby Keith’ was a caricatured
    exaggeration of crass nationalism and arrogant stupidity.

    It’s alive! It’s actually alive!

    If only he was a dark figment of our collective imaginations…like the mental recession! *lol*

  • Funny. I had him pegged as an ignorant redneck with the possibility I was wrong. It’s a shame I was right.

    I really didn’t have him pegged for much, too bad you were correct. It would have been refreshing for him to have revealed he had a brain and the operating manual for it. 🙂

  • What an ignorant pig. I really never knew much about him other than my daughter hated him. Now I know why.

    Your daughter is wise indeed. 🙂

  • in the past i always painted all people like toby keith as a racist. i was wrong. it’s a good thing to try and give folks, all folks a chance before labeling them one thing or another. toby may or may not racist but he truly is a bigot. you can tell. bigot’s cannot help themselves it’s in them and you can tell how they act and talk when they are in the presence of blacks in a non-agressive way. i seen this bigot on the wendy williams show when wendy complimented him as very handsome…, he got this looks on his face like ewww this ugly black man finds me hot.., yuck, i hope my hillbilly friends are not watching this. he look at wendy like she was scraped off the bottom of his shoe. as far as the obama’s comments…, that’s his opinion every one has them, but when yonkie try and tell me what my people like and dont like then we have a problem.

    Thanks for stopping by Kenny and I agree whole heartedly with you. Hope you make your way back this way again. 🙂

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