Velveeta Days, Pink Macaroon Dreams

Published November 16, 2008 by missharleyquinn

100_0937This is the side table that pretends to be a desk in my living room, but in reality is the place all things go to roost and wait for me.  I believe it pretty much tells the world exactly why I’m not going to be the next Martha Stewart, Amy Butler, or any other person other people want to emulate.  Could it be the Fancy Feast Cat Food box I’m using to hold my mail?  Or perhaps the so not home made granola bar left forlorn and behind from last night when I was busy trying to unravel the mysteries of my new iShuffle and iTunes?  (Side note on the granola bar, when my favorite granola bar’s price was hovering near $5.00 a box.  A very small box containing a mere 6 of the precious creations.  I attempted to make homemade granola bars to sate my cravings and failed miserably on that note.   They tasted like little bars of oats and doom with a hint of burnt sugar)  Perchance its the copy of “Change We Can Believe In” that I haven’t even opened but have had since September?  Granted, I spent most of my days prior to Election day at the local Obama Headquarters phone banking and meeting lovely people who were voting for McCain/Palin because as one succinct gentleman put it, “They got my vote coz I want ta’do her like a sheep”.  I’m almost certain Martha Stewart does not speak with people who date sheep or any other farm animal for that matter!  

In the end though it may be  simpler than all this gibberish.  I spent the morning washing my nasty little dogs, who actually inspired me to learn the  definition of ‘dingleberry’. They smelled of death and rotting things and considering what they left on the new bathroom rugs, thats pretty much what they must have gotten into.  I’m fairly certain, Emily at Inside a Black Apple was busy hand sewing antique buttons onto her cuffs, while sipping mulled cider and eating dainty cookies fireside with a rousing group of artisans and beautiful fairies breast feeding.


One comment on “Velveeta Days, Pink Macaroon Dreams

  • We should all have windows to the out side, stacked with possibilities of distractions.
    shouldn’t we?
    And I refuse to click on a link for something titled “dingelberry”
    I am not a brave bunny.

    Not a brave bunny, of course you are! We share our courage in unique and rare ways…yours by designing an entire wedding party’s clothing and handling it with grace and not killing the groom.

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