The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms

Published November 24, 2008 by missharleyquinn


As with most of my weekends, this one also began with the best of intentions. I was hell bent on having a weekend theme, something like ‘cozy’ or ‘winsome’, I would even have accepted ‘productive’.  Friday evening was relaxed and quiet; I curled up on the love seat, wrapped in the butteriest blanket in the house and read:

The Imps and I slept in late Saturday, pure bliss if you ask me.  Then I got to work.  I made home made laundry soap:


Yummy laundry soapI always thought this sort of thing would be very time intensive, but I was wrong.  It was terribly easy and its almost as cheap as dirt (and not the expensive variety sold at Home Depot, I’m referring to back yard dirt) .  I tried the first recipe and have been loving it.  The recipe can be found at:


Then it was on to a delicious dinner of Potato Gatto:

I found the recipe in  recent issue of Family Fun magazine.  I also made tomato soup to accompany the above mentioned potato gatto after visiting Angry Chicken. I won’t post a picture of it as I think it would make Sorrow feel icky…like my White Trash Casserole!  🙂

Then the kitchen sink basically blew up!  I’m fairly convinced there must be a corpse wedged in the pipes. But this not so lovely turn of events pretty much took up the rest of the weekend and gave me a whole new respect for pioneer women and the washing of dishes by hand in creeks. I took the reachable plumbing pieces a part, cleaned them all out, and still the sink refused to drain…the corpse theory sticks until Rick, my plumber, disabuses me of the notion and fixes this new mess at Casa Wild Hare.  I’m guessing my weekend theme was ‘Surprise’!




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