Time Travel on the Wide Side

Published December 12, 2008 by missharleyquinn

This week has been chock full of time delusions and questionable theories:

The evening before last, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I woke up, seemingly every hour on the hour.  I would check the time, do the math to figure out how much more sleep time I had and then roll over.  Around 3:00 am a strange and freeing thought occurred to me, I though to myself that ‘I only had about 3 more hours of sleep left, but thankfully even if the time was short in length it was rather wide…so I’d get more than enough rest.’  


On Monday I was at a local Post Net shop, working on flyers for the school bake sale.  I noticed a woman at the main counter, a pile of holiday green envelopes clutched in her mittened hands.  Silently, I applauded her obvious organization, her commitment to getting things done well and done early.  I was a little abashed too, as I am still trying to find my holiday cards.  I assured myself there was plenty of time, more than a month and this woman although admirable may also be a bit neurotic, getting her cards out so early…my gracious Thanksgiving was barely over.  When I got home, I felt pretty good, that is until I realized I had just  about 2 weeks until the big day and nary a card was complete .  Keep in mind my mailman also hates the very ground I stand upon, so my cards (if ever located) may end up in a lone farm field.  Which would be better than last year, I didn’t even remember that holiday cards would be a nice touch until well after the new year!  🙂


I learned that I shall never be a Muslim, as the major holidays (at least to my understanding) happen at different times of the year for that faith, not set in stone calendar celebrations like Christmas or Hanukkah or Winter Solstice.  I am completely incapable of  staying on top of Christmas and the entire city I live in is decked in the signs of the season (Nativity scenes and pooping reindeer all lit up), so Ramadan is completely out for me.  I’d never keep track of it, never recall all the little details and would instead hope fervently that the next time it was celebrated it would be later in the year, insuring I still wasn’t ready. I just wasn’t ready much later than usual. I’m pretty certain this is the universe’s way of telling me atheism might be the better option.

Here’s hoping everyone has enough time for everything and then some.  🙂


2 comments on “Time Travel on the Wide Side

  • When i don’t get the
    cards out before
    Said holidays..
    I usually try and send a new year card…
    that way it looks like i forgot on purpose..
    it confuses them ever time…
    ( and thats the best part!)

  • I haven’t managed cards for years. I would love to do that again. I find that embracing Yule rather than the traditional Christmas is taking over. I am just exhausted and just had a long talk with my daughter about how we need new traditions as Christmas just isn’t cutting it anymore.

    I may have managed to get cards out, but have sucked at keeping the blog updated! Hope you had a glorious Solstice and New Year’s Eve. 🙂

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