Mornings with Pups

Published June 3, 2009 by missharleyquinn




My prescence here has been haphazard at best, but its not because I’ve little to say or share.  Its because I’ve only got so much time and these days such time is spent with a passel of English Shepherd dogs who were seized from a cruel horder  and puppy mill breeder here in Montana. Who would have guessed I’d enjoy the sort of company who think nothing of peeing on my legs in greeting and a fare-thee-well?  Or  cause me to smile from ear to ear for days on end when a dog suddenly decided I wasn’t the bane of the universe and might just like a treat from my hand?  And who would have guessed the better part of my days would be spent in the company of these odd little creatures who romp and play, and wagged their way into my heart?  Well, okay I would guess all that… coz I’m a complete sucker for furry folk and sob stories.  🙂

 I’m now a handler/trainer to 7 dogs (the one pictured too) and spend almost every day with them .  To learn more about these dogs and their plight, please visit:

National English Shepherd Rescue



2 comments on “Mornings with Pups

  • Aha!
    Life with Charlie..
    or was it travels with Charlie?
    You have such a tremendous heart, can’t tell you how often i think of you ( can’t count that high)
    So glad that your days are so overflowing with all that good stuff!

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