Short Hair It Is

Published June 4, 2009 by missharleyquinn

I spend a great deal of time and energy, thought energy at least, trying to decide if the universe intended for me to be a long haired person or a short haired person.  I must admit I feel most comfortable with short, puckish hair.  Since July of 2008 I have been growing my hair out and really it has sucked every step of the way.  These days I kind of look like  Leif Garrett at the height of his 70’s popularity.  Which obviously worked for him, not so much for me!

tbTVleifpu   Then I see pics like this and am ready for the old chop-chop:

keira-knightley-3audreytautouNow I must wait, my beloved hair stylist can not see me until June 19…which shall feel like a million years from now for me and my shaggy Garrett!


5 comments on “Short Hair It Is

  • Growing hair is the worst. Mine was cut not long ago just a cut to get rid of damage and it is a terrible cut. I keep mine longer mainly because I have a square face. If you can wear short hair by all means go for it.

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