Vintage Brownies

Published June 12, 2009 by missharleyquinn


339013429_bbc98202f6I love a good cook book. In fact I love curling up with a good cook book more than any other kind I think.  Especially when the text is quirky and coy, like it is in the vintage Betty Crocker cook books.    Having quality recipes isn’t even a requirement for me,  as I enjoy reading all the archaic , yet oddly appealing details of a rose colored world that never was.  How many of us still or ever set up buffets for the ‘boys’ where food is simple because, “Men like to hunt around for things and fussiness confuses them”?  How precious is that? 

Given all that, I decided to try some recipes.  Just to see how they measure up to our modern versions, tonight’s test : brownies.  Gracious, those people had massive portion control!  Supposedly my 8×8 pan can provide brownies for 16 people.  Who would have thunk it?  

As to the verdict, the Imps and I really liked the brownies.  They are a much darker rendering than what we’re used to and I dare say richer as well.   But, really, really small.    


2 comments on “Vintage Brownies

    • You could be on to something. I’m convinced that if a pint of Ben and Jerry’s is equal to 4 servings they fail to mention 4 servings for leprechauns, who are much smaller and don’t require nearly as much ice cream to fill them up as we humans do. 🙂 Maybe Betty Crocker also wrote for the wee folk of the Emerald Isle.

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