Spin, baby, Spin!

Published July 12, 2009 by missharleyquinn




This past spring I took a class on spinning, the fiber variety that is.  I was taught to use a drop spindle, but dream of a spinning wheel.  Until a couple hundred dollars magically appears, my drop spindle and I shall make lovely yarn.  And speaking of yarn, I’ve also learned that sheep aren’t the only sweet animals that offer their  coats for our warmth…there are doggies!

Perched atop my fridge (for just this pic) is a little memory for a new friend, a pillow made from the fur of one of her dogs, a Ms. Sugar.  Ms. Sugar happens to be a rather aged Great Pyrnees and may not live for much longer, our mutual friend Barb wanted something to remember her by and amazingly I was actually able to spin dog fur into yarn and then knit this little pillow.  I had such a blast making this, I’ve been saving the fur I’ve combed from my own dogs.


2 comments on “Spin, baby, Spin!

  • I have a stitch and chat I go to, and was horrified to find the woman next to me was knitting a blanket from her dead cats fur.
    I guess it’s not as Odd as I thought, or else you are odder than i thought

  • That’s my Sugar!!! You did a great job and it was such a surprise. We will always cherish it. I can get you more hair … hehe. Yep I now have 6 dogs … 2 from ONB.

    6 dogs??? I can’t imagine a better person to have such a nice sized canine family. 🙂 I’m so happy you liked the little pillow.

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