My Sweet Book’ish October

Published November 2, 2009 by missharleyquinn


Quite a few good books found their way to my bedside table this month; “Training the Hard to Train Dog” by Peggy Swager.  Her use of positive training has really been a help with Brandi and our days together.  The book is filled with clear and concise instruction and wonderful photographs displaying the training points.  I definitely give this book two thumbs up…if I were from a another world and had more thumbs the book would get those as well!  🙂

I have joined the legion of the Twilight fans, but not because of the first book in the series.  I actually was rather disappointed with that one, but adore “New Moon”.  I now understand all the ‘Team Jacob’ and ‘Team Edward’ tee shirts I’ve been seeing everywhere.  I may just put the series on my Solstice wish list.  I have the next 2 on hold at the local public library, Parmly BIllings Library. Unlike many people I’ve asked, I just adored the first film and can’t wait for the second…it may warrant a baby sitter.

“Thanks For the Memories”, by Cecelia Ahern was a recommendation by my BFF The Divine Miss E and am I grateful she told me about it.   It is a book best curled up with on a cold and dreary eve…hot cider close by and perhaps some pumpkin muffins too.

Anyone care to recommend a good read….as November is wide open and eager for some page turners.  🙂



One comment on “My Sweet Book’ish October

  • Well, I was not a fan of any of the Twilight books,
    actually I found them, awful in ways i would rather not get into…
    maybe we have similar tastes else where..
    I am currently reading
    “echo in the bone” by Diana Gabaldon, and she is a LONG time favorite of mine.
    This one, has sucked me right in!
    everything else on my table is a bit eclectic,
    “Voices of the first day”, reading for the 4th time, my absolute #1 favorite of the year,
    “half the sky”, which came very highly recommended,
    and “women’s book of myths and secrets”, which i pick up from time to time and read just a few pages…
    how’s that?
    will look for the Cecelia Ahern, when I get thru the ones I have!

    You truly must email me with your Twilight dislikes…:) I for one was sort of annoyed with Bella and her, “I’m a plain, boring mortal and he’s just peeerrrrffeccttt’ schtick in “Twilight”…but I loved her friendship with Jacob in “New Moon”.
    I have duly noted the titles you mentioned and shall seek them out at my library. I’ve read the first 2 D. Gabaldon books and haven’t gotten beyond those…its a series I’m always promising myself to read…perhaps Thanksgiving break will be that time. If you enjoy the time travel genre you might like any number of Lynn Kurland’s stories. I adore her books.

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