Tickling The Meep~Meep

Published November 8, 2009 by missharleyquinn

MikaMika, aka The  Meep~Meep

I  purchased a copy of Barbara Woodhouse’s book “No Bad Dogs” at the local Good Will.  I’m not certain if I would have paid full price for the book, as some of her training techniques are concepts I’m not very comfortable with.  But, there are some gems within its pages, such as tickling dog bellies.

“Tickling tummies slowly and gently works wonders.  Never use a rubbing motion; this makes dogs bad tempered.  A gentle tickle with the tips of the fingers is all that is necessary to induce calm in a dog.” (Page 22)  She mentions the technique in a later chapter, using it to calm a dog who is most anxious and bothered by being brushed and groomed.  She was very successful, so much so the dog supposedly fell asleep during her ticklish therapy.  This led me to wonder if it might work on one of my Pomeranians, Mika (aka The Meep~Meep).  She dislikes being brushed almost as much as I dislike lentils.  I’ve attempted a variety of recommendations from friends, vets, and family to cure her of this…to no avail!

So, with a cynical eye towards this technique I put Mika on the bed, followed the tickling instructions  and miracles of miracles…she stood there and let me brush her!!!  I have no idea why she let me, what the tickling induced to allow such grooming to take place, or even if she liked any of it…but she has been brushed without a single struggle on either of our parts.  Which makes the $1.99 I paid for this book completely worth it.


One comment on “Tickling The Meep~Meep

  • tickling? Like a feather light touch? with random movements?
    I need to find away to calm dexter.. gonna have to give this a try..

    Exactly. 🙂 Mika likes the tickling a tad more than feather light and it keeps her standing calmly for grooming…which is right up there with the whole water into wine thing! ~Laughs~ Something I’ve done with Brandi is massaging in a circular pattern behind the ears and the back of her front legs where they meet her torso…she visibly relaxes with this and will settle down for quite some time. Maybe that could help Dexter. *hugs*

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