Monday Morning Meanderings

Published August 2, 2010 by missharleyquinn

“You do not leave sick children in the night and you do not leave children at a time like this.”  ~ Jausz Korczak

What if we spent less time seeking God, searching for the Divine to save us, to mold and change us…what if instead we chose to recognize the Divine, like an old friend?  What if we realized there is simply no right or wrong answer, no neat and tidy  ‘fold it up warm and clean to use for another day’ ideal?  Instead we defiantly chose to celebrate life, celebrate love, to smile broadly with the recognition that there’s a little of the Divine in every action we perform…you know the smile I speak of…the one that makes your cheeks ache just a bit, your eyes warm a few degrees more, and inside you just feel glad to be in that moment, in that place, where you found what you had never known you’d lost…an old friend, a glove, a quarter, a compliment, an acknowledgement that life indeed is good.  It is these quiet seconds on the face of time that give me quiet repose and deep seeded joy…the feel of my daughter’s hand in mine, my son’s belly laugh, the feel of moss between my toes…the basic ideal that love and truth is availed to us all…some just don’t like the way it fits and discard it like a a pair of skinny jeans they can no  longer wear.

Years ago, I stood gazing out my bedroom window.  A sifting of snow tried valiantly to cover the lawn, the sky a pale gray, and I with my arms wrapped anout myself for a bit of warmth realized in some sort of  ‘Huh’ moment …I had looked out a thousand windows, a thousands openings out into the world and seen a thousand snow covered fields…the eyes of my soul knew winters past and shall know winters yet to come…but in that specific time and place the me I recognize was all that was there…a pause in a never ending cycle of life.

What does all this have to do with Mr. Janusz Korczak?  Glad you asked.  He calls to my soul with that one statement, a part of me achingly understands the depth of his committment to his children, to his core values, to the basic ideal that no one should have to suffer such things, but if there is no way around the suffering, they shall not suffer alone and without comfort.  I can think of nothing more divine this morning than that.


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