New To Me Books

Published August 12, 2010 by missharleyquinn

At the local library, Signal Mountain Library, there is a huge book sale room in the basement dedicated to homeless books; books that have either run away or have been tossed to the curb by literary dandies who never truly commit to a volume, but instead jump from one to the next…like a lovelorn and cavalier soul always about cracking the virgin text.  I’m sure a few of the tomes end up there because some lover of books has simply run out of room and must part with a few or the shelves shall collapse! No matter the history, be it pristine or randy, sad or pedantic…a few volumes came home with me yesterday.

American Garden Writing edited by Bonnie Marranca

Recollection and Reflections; stories by the residents of Alexian Village of TN

The Cottage Garden and Old fashioned Flowers by Roy Genders

Special Occasions by Martha Stewart

The I Hate To Cook Book by Peg Bracken

(which is even more special due to the handwritten notes by the last keeper)


One comment on “New To Me Books

  • Smile~
    settled in and found the library?

    So happy…glad…smiling ear to ear to see you around the ethreal mists of the blogosphere…where the heck did your amazing blog run off to???? I’ve missed you so! *hugs and smooches galore*

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