A Matter Of Thyme

Published September 18, 2010 by missharleyquinn

And the wild thyme said, – I’ll have you know, I’m a tree and not just some flower, so please, hold me in the proper esteem.

And I said, – Forgive me, I didn’t know you were a tree and not just some flower, and in the future I will hold you in the proper esteem.

I will never go into woods or thickets. I will walk in wild thyme groves and not even mention forests, your mauve clusters will sway above my head and dispel my cares and insomnia (you do know that insomnia is just the repeated invocation of all the black that has been and all the black yet to come), and

I’ll come alone. I’ll come without him. He doesn’t know you’re a tree and not just some flower, … Belsevica, Vizma

For reasons that escape me, nothing says autumn to me more than the taste of thyme.  It’s as if the very herb encapsulates everything the fall has; when I taste a savory dish laden with this herb I think of pumpkins and crisp apples, falling leaves, clear blue skies, and a nip in the air.  Each bite makes me think of change and chance, the worldmixing over for a new year and a new way…it’s like Mother Earth’s very own York Peppermint Patty moment.  🙂  When I long for the feeling of fall, a sprig on my tongue takes me there.

According to Wicca Garden: A Modern Witch’s Book of Magickal and Enchanted Herbs and Plants by Gerina Dunwich, “…thyme is used in love spells and divinations, dream magick, spells to increase stregnth and courage, and charsma against nightmares.”

In Garden Witchery: Magic From The Ground Up, by Ellen Dugan she states that the lore about thyme is “activity”.  And also that it is for healing.

17 Interesting facts about Thyme


2 comments on “A Matter Of Thyme

  • Been thinking about you…
    I need to send you an email, is it the same? or has it changed along with your addy?
    Hugging you and sending bubbles of giggles on a southern wind…

    Same email addy…tis remains in a time and place of much change. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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