A Sinuous Saturday

Published October 10, 2010 by missharleyquinn

I am head over heels in love with the Signal Mountain Library Book Nook, a little area in the basement set aside for all sorts of gems in the rough.  Today’s treasures include this charmer: ‘English Vocabulary Cards; Because your success depends on your vocabulary’.  For the paltry sum of $1.00 I’m the proud owner of thousands of words.  Today’s word:


‘one who walks and performs other actions during sleep

This  sweet find is now residing on my front entry table, just waiting for someone to find a new word or visit with an old fav.

Success With Small Food Gardens, by Louise Riotte

My copy is just a wee bit more dated in looks, but is chock full of great info.  I’m thrilled to be living somewhere with a lengthy growing season and the luxury of at least 8 years at one address.  I may just get to see my gardens mature and that will be wonderful.  So, I’m researching like a mad woman…prepping for the coming spring.

Received my first piece of this delightful collection, a mug for warm drinks and the promise of a lovely holiday collection built over years.

*And am on day 4 of my sourdough starter.  With any luck my flour order from King Arthur flour will arrive by Tuesday.




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